Kasliwal Animation House has been incorporated in 2008, providing architectural 3d solutions and animation for some of leading architects, builders and industrialists around the state and nation.

We can provide all kinds of graphic support to architects, interior designers, landscape architects, advertisement, brochures. Our team is competent to convert layouts to 3D models and views, walk throughs, perspectives and more. Our team can produce photo realistic 3D renderings of architectural structures. 3D Graphics is ideally suited to visualization of industrial equipment, machinery and processes.

  • Digital animation for ad films, documentary, Industrial work etc
  • Architectural animation, Exhibition stands and renders.
  • Mechanical 3d
  • Audio-Video editing
  • Digital Presentation
  • Image Editing

Business Functions/Processes

Step 1

As we get the plan/drawing/project from the client, we analyze the project. How much time it will take? What will be the deadline? Any other information is needed for the project like reference images, logo, special textures for objects, building?

Step 2

After analyzing the project, we quote a price to the client and time involved in the project. In this we also clear our terms and condition, which includes 35% payment in advance and 25% at draft images and rest on delivery day of final work.

Step 3

Now our AutoCAD team converts those plans, drawings into 3d line drawing and send it back to client for approval.

Step 4

After approval we import 3d objects, clean the mesh, texture and light it according to client needs in 3d software's like SoftImage XSI or 3D studio Max.

Step 5

Give them 4 best possible views in exhibition/stands and send for approval. As for architectural interiors and exteriors the amount of images for approval will depend upon the complexity of the projects.

If there is a need for animation, a low resolution is rendered or the camera travelling is rendered.

Step 6

After approval, we render final image and do the compositing in Photoshop software. and animation in after effects or combustion.

Duration of a project will depend upon its complexity. But as a guideline, this whole process takes 13-14 hrs for the normal exhibition/ stands and 24-30 hrs for small building and houses.

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